Medical Needling

Medical Needling

Quick overview

Time of treatment
10-30 minutes; repeat of the treatment is useful

Not necessary, depending on the area possibly anesthesia cream or local anesthesia

Follow-up treatment
Nothing special

non – 1 day

Thousands evenly distributed micro-channels in the skin are opened with 580 hair-thin needles. Due to this the active ingredients can accurately reach their destination under the skin surface where they are most effective. At the same time the circulation and collagen production are stimulated.

The effect of skin rollers has been shown in many histological studies and variety publications:

  • Formation of new collagen or collagen induction therapy
  • Angiogenesis or microcirculation stimulation
  • Promotion of the transmission system through the skin with the opening of the micro channels -> allows better penetration of active ingredients

The treatment is very gentle and nearly painless feasible. Skin redness after the treatment usually resolve after one day.

Various products can be used with the skin roller specifically for skin tightening and skin revitalization in pigmentation, hair loss and cellulite treatment. Stretch marks (striae, stretch marks) and acne scars can also be improved.