Vaginal stenosis, vaginal enlargement

Vaginal stenosis, vaginal enlargement

Quick overview

Time of treatment
1-2 hours

General or sedation with local anesthesia

Follow-up treatment
Ointments, bath with medical additions

4-6 weeks

Natural aging process or after birth can cause tissue slackening and hormonal transformations in a dilatation of the vagina which can affect sexual sensation. By vaginal tightening this circumstance can be fixed. Mostly a muscle tightening of the vagina is required (e.g. after multiple birth).

Another problem is the narrowing of the vaginal entrance after childbirth or episiotomies which can also lead to disability during intercourse. When scarring of the vaginal opening the scar tissue is cut out and the vaginal opening is restored.

Both procedures are performed under general anesthesia. We recommend a hospital stay in our clinic. You should also resign sexual intercourse and tampon use for about 6 weeks.