Ear correction

Ear correction

Quick overview

Time of treatment
90 minutes

General anesthesia or local anesthesia (possible sedation)

Follow-up treatment
Wearing a headband during the day for 2 weeks and 4 weeks at night


Protruding ears (jug ears, apostasies otum) are a malformation of the outer ear. Mostly the ear cartilage is insufficient folded. Also a too large external ear (concha) may lead to deformity. Protruding ears are often the cause for psychological stress due to teasing. Especially kids but also adults can feel insecure with their appearance and suffer.

From the age of 5 the ear is hardly growing so protruding ears can already be corrected in preschool.

By correcting the shape, position or size a harmonious ear shape can be modeled.

Protruding ears can be safely and permanently treated with a small operation under local anesthesia. For anxious patients a sedation or general anesthesia is possible. The surgery can be performed on an ambulant basis. A short hospital stay in our clinic for 1-2 days is recommended for toddlers.

Special suture techniques ensure that the cartilage lies to the head without tension. The wound is closed with a suture. The dismissal is done with a bandage on the head which is replaced by a fixed headband at the first dressing change after 2-3 days. This should be worn day and night for 2 weeks and for another 2 weeks only at night so the ear cartilage can heal in its new position. The remaining scars are very fine and barely visible after a few weeks.

Postoperative bleeding, wound infections or visible cartilage edges occur rarely.