Autologous fat transfer / fat injection

Autologous fat transfer / fat injection

Quick overview

Time of treatment
2-4 hours (depending on the area)

General anesthesia

Follow-up treatment
Compression garment on the sucked body parts for 6 weeks, if necessary cotton bandage on the padded area

2 weeks

According to the BEAULI principle (Berlin Autologous Lipotransfer) a special fat cell transfer is possible. Smallest fat cells are gently removed with a vibration-assisted technique called Power Assisted Lipoplasty (PAL). After appropriate separation the fat will be inserted in another part of the body. The transplanted fat can then heal again. This method is ideal for Breast Augmentation (breast augmentation with autologous fat, fat injection of the breast), but also for volume fills in the area of other body regions (e.g. face, lipodystrophy, compensation of contour irregularities in almost all areas of the body).